Health Services

Where health and wellness prevail

Good health is our primary concern. That's why we have taken extra measures to ensure the health and well being of our residents.

For example, at Manorhouse, we provide:

Individual care plans for each resident

Key to the effectiveness of these plans is the participation of the resident, his or her family, the physician, professional consultants and staff. These individual care plans are coordinated and integrated through the Manorhouse CheckPoint Quality Assurance Program™ Program.

Professionally trained staff and licensed nurses on duty 24-hours a day

We monitor each resident's health status on a regular basis which helps us assure prompt and appropriate care as needed.

Partnerships with select healthcare providers

These partnerships strengthen and extend the on-site services available to every resident. An example of services includes home health, rehabilitation, therapy and pharmacy.

Relationships with other aging and healthcare specialists

Specialists such as podiatrists, psychiatrists, independent nurses and pharmacists are available upon referral to assist residents as needs arise. We work with every available resource to provide the best in health and wellness opportunities for our residents.

Freedom of choice for each resident

We encourage our residents and their families to take an active role in determining the care they receive. We honor individual decisions and provide assistance as needed while preserving dignity and supporting our residents' freedom of choice.

Prompt and accurate drug delivery

Safe, accurate and timely medication management is a key concern at Manorhouse. Staff members are trained to administer medications and are supervised 24-hours a day. To assure prompt and accurate drug delivery, resident medication records are checked regularly by the Director of Resident Care, the Executive Director, shift supervisors and an independent pharmacy consultant. Also, a pharmacist database helps ensure drug compatibility and also helps prevent over or under-medication. Get more information about ourCheckPoint Quality Assurance Medication Management Program.

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